Contracts and Fees

Leapfolio isn’t about providing a production service, which by-and-large, sets up a system and charges authors a fee to throw their unedited words together between some covers. We suggest that there’s a better way, a route that provides authors with all the benefits of commercial or independent publishing (a specifically-assigned project manager, an engaged, communicative editor, knowledgeable staff, great design (we have terrific designers), plus a viable route to market, including marketing, promotion, and most important, national distribution.  Most essentially, we provide an author with both creative and commercial engagement at every part of the process.

Every aspect of the project is a shared experience, and authors choose to engage as much or as little as they want. Every project is unique – we can’t stress that enough – and every project is developed on and around its merits and strengths and the strengths of its author. Our aim is to innovate, challenge, excite – to establish new voices and give readers the opportunity to discover new talent.

There is no “average” publication fee. Our projects to date have called on the author for a collaborative contribution ranging from $7,500 to $12,500, depending on the project and its aims, length of book, editing requirements, size of print-run, marketing campaigns, and any number of other variables. The return is directly linked to that, so royalties on sales range from 50% through to 70%, with the average being 50% coming back to the author. The best way to understand how all of this can work for your book is to send your project to Leapfolio and discuss it with us.