Leapfolio: Artisanal Publishing


What can Leapfolio authors expect from their publisher?


Commitment. Expertise. Substantial experience. Innovative ideas. Beautiful design. Effective publicity and marketing. Well-planned and well-executed distribution and support.


So many authors have made clear that they’re disappointed with the way they’ve been treated by publishers, agents, and sales networks. At Leapfolio, our role is to help you meet your goals with a book project from the signing of a contract through the editorial, design, and printing process, then onward throughout the life of the book.

Our editors and designers have decades of real-world experience in both commercial and nonprofit contexts, and in independent as well as university-based publishing.

We want our authors to succeed, we want to build and develop success, and we want to grow with our authors. And we are fully committed to an ethos of care, creativity, and collaboration. Leapfolio authors can expect knowledgeable advice, experienced guidance, and timely responses to questions, and we’ll keep your book in print and available indefinitely.


How selective is Leapfolio?

Leapfolio only accepts manuscripts that we feel are fully worthy of publication, and that are conceived and created by authors whose specific goals we believe we can effectively fulfill and support well into the future.

Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the entire editorial staff, and publishing offers are made by unanimous agreement among editorial committee members, with endorsement by a designated editor who actively wants to “champion” the project.


How will the editorial and design plan be developed?

Working closely with the author, the Leapfolio production coordinator and project editor will create a step-by-step plan for the editorial and production process.

While there are time-proven methods for delivering a satisfying reading experience, and there are manufacturing standards that are crucial to know about in devising a production timeline, there is no predetermined or formulaic way of creating a strong Leapfolio publication. One book might excel as an eBook, released in digital form only, either in entirety or with individual “serialized” chapter downloads; another book may reach fruition as beautifully made trade paperback or a clothbound volume with a jacket.

The challenge — and this is where an expert partner is crucial — is to effectively design the scope and format of a publication to reach the audience the author is seeking, which in some instances may be very focused and specific, and in other cases a large as possible.